ZooBC Blockchain Technology


November 2019

ZooBC is a blockchain platform being implemented by Blockchain Zoo

We are at day one of a new information era: the decentralization of information. Blockchain allows managing much more than only the financial aspects of life. Yet current systems are mainly focused on finance, and their systems aren’t fully secure for non-financial uses. We believe that decentralization technologies need to advance to reach stability and security to be used in our daily life. Years of experience of Blockchain Zoo in implementing decentralized systems has resulted in the desire to provide the world with a technology that is a step ahead of what is currently available. ZooBC aims to solve some of the critical limitations and issues current technologies have. As of now, Blockchain Zoo has invested in ZooBC the amount of USD .

We're on a mission to develop a public scalable decentralized application platform that is radically different from the conventional "smart contract" approach.

Join us to explore the first of several steps in the technological evolution of the ZooBC blockchain technology. The Alpha version shows only a small picture of what we want to accomplish with the ZooBC technology.

ZooBC Wallet

Feeling brave enough to give ZooBC Alpha Version a try? Are you eager to provide us with feedback, ideas, and comments? Then try one of our cryptocurrency wallets.

Request ZBC testnet tokens to try out the ZooBC wallets. You can either write to our community managers in our ZooBC Telegram Group or request them directly through a feedback form in your ZooBC wallet.

ZooBC White Paper

We propose a new blockchain architecture, and we documented its structure in this white paper.

This is NOT an ICO paper! ZooBC has NO pre-mined coins, so no crypto investments to do. Yet, if you will be between the firsts to run a node, you can put together quite some coins.

Want to support the ZooBC project? Start by helping on the white paper!

Go to a Google Doc and leave edit suggestions and comments

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Ask questions and discuss the ZooBC technology in our Telegram group

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The ZooBC blockchain technology is bringing a new consensus algorithm Proof of Participation.

Why did we build the new consensus algorithm and how does it work?

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When joining our community, you will also get exclusive access to our members-only forum, social media channels, in-depth blockchain glossary, videos, workshops, and state-of-the-art infographics.

ZooBC Testnet Explorer

Use the Alpha version of the block explorer to monitor the ZBC testnet token transactions you send and receive. It’s a work in progress, so if you have any suggestions, ideas, or if you found any bugs, send us your feedback!

Explore the live blockchain here

The Zoolanders

We’re on a mission to bring advancements in the blockchain technology, and the ZooBC Alpha release is the first of several steps that are ahead of us. Follow our journey and help us build the radically new blockchain technology!